Coopers Arthritic Gutter Crutches - Singular


Product Description

These Arthritic Gutter Crutches are designed for people with arthritis or those with impaired grip. Their padded forearm trough distributes the user's weight over a large support area, rather than their wrist taking the weight.
The adjustable telescopic handle rotates through 360° and locks to suit the individuals forearm length. Latex free (including ferrules)


  • Padded trough supports the forearm to reduce the load on the wrists
  • Adjustable height
  • Angled handgrip can rotate 360° and adjusts in depth to suit forearm length
  • Latex free including ferrules


  • Safe working load: 127 kg
  • Handgrip to ground height in 25mm steps: Min 970 Max 1220
  • Max height: 1220 mm
  • Min height: 970 mm
  • Product weight: 2.4kg/pair kg
  • Tip size: 25
  • Width inside cuff: 280


Coopers Arthritic Gutter Crutches PDF (203KB)